Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot and Sticky

We have a no-shoe policy in our house and still it is amazing how much dust, crumbs, and detritus shows up on the hardwood floors everyday. It is summer ~ I walk around the house barefoot ~ as a result, I feel everything on the floor and it makes me crazy. I'm constantly lifting my feet up and brushing off the bottoms and then grabbing a broom to sweep up and throw away all that has irritated me in that area.  It has been hot and humid for the last week or two ~ I don't mind the heat as I am often cold and most of the time I can tolerate the humidity pretty well too, BUT... I've noticed that my wrist and arms stick to the desk when I type, and my hands and fingers stick to the granite when I lay them on the counter, and my feet... my feet not only pick up everything on the floor, but are actually sticking to the floor, creating a very unpleasant sensation as I walk from room to room. I can't shake the 'stickiness' or its' irritating quality ~ occasionally, a cool breeze will blow through the house and for a few moments the stickiness seems to dissipate, but it is only an illusion as the humidity is still very much present.

I find this is true for certain thoughts and feelings as well. I go about my business and a thought or feeling will suddenly take hold, create pressure on my heart and become hot behind my eyes. As much as I try to sweep away my discomfort and move onto happier, more positive thoughts, this discomfort seems to have a 'sticky' quality. However, just as I am trying to be patient and wait for a big shift in the weather to blow away the humidity, I'm trying desperately to believe and have faith that at some point I will notice that something big has shifted within me as well ~ and maybe, if I'm lucky, those thoughts and feelings will have lost their 'stickiness'.