Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Ducks!

A couple of weeks ago a male and female duck (Mr. and Mrs. Mallard) were sunning themselves on our lawn underneath the forsythia. They looked so cute! I wondered whether they were preparing to nest nearby. Well, they have been frequent visitors to various parts of our yard and after the first day, several of their duck friends have also been visiting our yard. Hmmm... why our yard? And why just our yard and not our neighbor's yards which abut ours? Hmmm... mysterious! As it turns out, it is not that mysterious afterall. My husband spread corn gluten all over our lawn to try to manage those persistent and tenacious weeds.  Apparently, corn gluten is a very tasty treat for ducks and Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their friends now seem to be the fattest ducks in the neighborhood! I'm pretty sure duck grazing wasn't part of my husband's plan for lawn maintenance and weed control, but the ducks sure do look happy!

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