Friday, May 22, 2009

Exciting Season

Its that time of year again... the all consuming... sometimes frustrating... and if we're lucky, sometimes exciting season of Little League baseball and softball. Every year the same thing happens... the baseball and softball practice and game schedule comes out and I have a little (some in the family might say, big) hissy fit. The big R for resentment rears its ugly head as I see at least 3 months where our whole family life revolves around baseball & softball ~ the coming and going, scheduling/re-scheduling/ conflicting events or activities, eating on the run, eating junk, or eating late are just a few of the issues that make my jaw tense. I hate feeling that way! Fortunately for everyone, its a feeling that tends to pass when I take a big breath and look at my kids and see how much they truly love playing. These are their memories in the making and I want to be a part of the joy in those memories, not the angst.

Both kids had games this week. The sun has been out and the temp. has been warm, perfect for evening games. Both games were very exciting with lots of hits and runs and good and not-so-good fielding. I cheered alot for my kids, yelling, "You can do it, Honey!" (How embarrassing is that, to have your mom calling you 'Honey' from the bleachers!) Both kids did very well in their respective games; Both teams winning, always a plus.

Both kids have improved greatly since last year.  They are bigger, stronger, and smarter about the game and as a result, more is being asked of each of them.  I see them listening to and learning from their coaches and the other players. Their confidence and comfort increases with each passing game. I see their joy in being part of a team effort in the sparkle of intensity and purpose in their eyes. Like everything else in the natural world in Springtime, I see them, cleats in the soil and face to the sun, thriving and beautifully blooming ... and that makes it a very exciting season with no 'R' in sight.

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Spottedstar said...

Never, well ALMOST never frustrating! It was frustrating when our ump didn't show up last night.....but anyhow, i love the busy schedule! It's fun. And plus I couldn't hear you yelling last night 'cause you were in the snack shack.