Monday, March 30, 2009

Rainy Days and Bright Spots

Oh, it is a rainy day. It is gray and damp and cold. Yes, folks, Spring has arrived in Maine. The snow is almost all gone and the mud and puddles have taken over! Where is the bright spot in this day? Well, there are several, but the unexpected bright spot landed on my doorstep a few minutes ago. It is a birthday gift to me from my sister and brother in law ~ unexpected because my birthday was several weeks ago! The wrapped gift is great ~ I love it and it fits! The greater gift though is the birthday card in which my sister wrote a few kind and loving words. I am filled with gratitude for the relationship that I have with her ~ the history, respect, and easy laughter and tears we share. I am also reminded of the power of the handwritten word in a little note to create a bright spot in someone's day. Hmmm... let it rain! I have paper and my favorite pen ~ a little note awaits!

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