Monday, September 22, 2008

The Things We Carry

On Saturday I took my daughter to her soccer game located about 4 miles from home. I dropped her off and watched her run to the field with her water bottle and mouth guard in hand; She was ready to play. I parked the car and then proceeded to throw things over my shoulder and fill my hands. I had a bag with a book to read, a notebook and pen, a snack, my camera, an extra fleece and windbreaker. I had my purse (my mother would be so proud) with wallet, cell phone, glasses, and keys. I had a camp chair and a cup of coffee. As I made my way to the field, and stuff was literally dripping off of me, I couldn't contain my laughter ~ it suddenly seemed so silly to be carrying so much stuff for an hour and a half activity ~ but, I am all about being prepared and I was prepared to watch my daughter's soccer game ~ and deal with hunger, thirst, boredom, and a change in weather, if necessary.

A few minutes into the game, my daughter yelled to me from the field, "Mumma!" She had her hand on her chest to signify to me her breathing was constricted. "Where is your inhaler?", I yelled back. "At home!" was the reply.

The irony of this situation was not lost on me...

As much as I try to prepare for mine and my family's daily activities/events/responsibilities and contingencies, by having what is needed readily available, it seems like there is always something I didn't anticipate. I wish I could say that I handle these unexpected situations gracefully, but that would be lying. With age, I think I've taken on some control freak characteristics.

On the drive back to the house, I couldn't help thinking, "Of all the things we need to carry, on our person or within ourselves, in order to be or feel 'prepared' for our life's events, it would be really good to remember to carry those things that help us to inhale deeply and breathe easier!"

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Rev. Elsa Peters said...

i would say this makes you a good mumma, bwk. and maybe a pack rat.